Today, Earthquake and Roti Canai Mamak

12 10 2005


Got my first welcoming earthquake since my arrival here. So I didn’t sleep well after it happen. Since I was fallen asleep while the earth rocking my room and run out between sleep and awake. Traumatized?. Of course I did…who’s on earth wont??

Finally I got to ditched-up an innocent fellow from UK to another table right in the corner. So sorry Neil, sumimasen Nori… wasn’t me to decide everything has been said and shall be done…

So cold this afternoon. No wonder Ms. Stephanie is turning the fan on…hahahahahahaha…. Well, shall thank her for giving me a lot of jobs to keep me awake during my day work. Anytime Steph… gimme a lot of paper to be translates will ya…well at least you keeping me a bit away from the chat room…

Since my arrival, desperately looking for eat some roti canai. An modified Indian bread, sautée in sum of margarine. Yum..yum…where can I find it in Banda Aceh?. Why does no local people know where to find those kind of food??..

For this afternoon breaking the fast, the menus are baked Fish a la Aceh and it’s a huge fish ever I see, Sweet-sour shrimp and also salad with a lots of paprika on it. Does it make your saliva yet???. Uh huh….But still, I badly want roti canai in my stomach this evening…..

My roti canai, where are you…..??????




2 responses

24 10 2005

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24 10 2005
Anto Nugroho

nenggg… gempa sedahsyat apa pun, masih kalah dahsyat cinta lo kok.. mizz u so muchhh… love u my teddy bear

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