Alright then, Today it’s all about fashion…in ACEH!!

15 10 2005

Wheww….it’s never like what I think about. Aceh is never being a boring city after all. This after noon we went to a district called Peunayung. There you can find a lots of shoes shop. I know it’s not like Linea in Plasa Senayan and you’ll be stunned by its price, but it doesn’t also look like Cibaduyut at Bandung where you can find cheap shoes.

Let’s cut the chase. We went to this shop. At first I thought it must be so lame inside I mean with all the model of the shoes. But then, duh….its a heavenly shoes on earth!. You can find almost a same model like were you can find in Linea.

Tell you what guys, you can buy a Hugo Boss-look-a-like shoes (just don’t open it for public expose or they’ll find out..) with only 200.000 rupiahs. And what I like, we can still bargain,,, Well, I didn’t buy any. But I’m sure I’ll be back to that so called place. Just to ensure my self my passion of shopping is fulfilled, for the sake of my own look.

Friends of mine would never forget on how I dress-up. A friend, a best friend indeed, nicked me a name “Mr. Classy”. Since I always try to look classy even in a t-shirt. People might think as I think before. Let me ask u first, what came up in your mind if you heard Aceh (despite of tsunami things)?. Lame city, exile from civilisation, what else??

Yet indeed I’m very sure that Aceh is even more fashionable before tsunami. I can tell you, most of my local office mates always wear something to put on in a fashionable way. Example, a nice body fitted of some-short-of sweater, a long skirted bohemian or gypsy bottom and not to mention they have to put on a veil. Hard to believe they put it all together correctly. Gee…??? Can you find out that look in an exile city?




3 responses

24 10 2005

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12 11 2005

Mhmm you are a good writer. Sharp and sincere. I wish I could show you more on how Aceh can really fascinate you in many ways.D.

22 11 2005

Err… so, did you eventually buy those shoes;)? Where does the store get all those shoes? I wonder.

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