Talking about the art of writing

16 12 2005

What is exactly the art of writing? Well, I’m not in capacity to argue or creating a sort of definition about art neither does writing.

Pity, when writing consider as a freak one, as the writer writes what (s)he felt right from the bottom of the deepest heart. But then, or it shall consider as freaky at first until the author died, when it comes to a definition of art? Remember, how Van Gogh, Galileo, Shakespeare or JS Bach consider as lunatics of the art work they created?

One thing that should put in mind, that those persons had a dream. Which they’ve visualized over on the art work on after. And also the courage they got to put in their mind onto reality.

For example, when the author wrote about the urge of love (s)he felt, with all the ornaments needs to. Should we say it’s been exaggerated?

I know there’s always pro’s and cons’. But as if for me, people shouldn’t have concentrate only on the aspects over the output. Looking through whole process is worth a value of consideration. Digest each and every word. Then they can make their assessment or judgment fair and square.




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