Little baby Ilham’s Birthday

22 12 2005

Today, this day, 23 years ago. A tiny little woman delivers a baby. Exactly at 10 AM on December 22nd, 2005. With all the effort and power she had. The baby born into the world as he cried loud that morning. Then the baby’s father smile abode graciously from his face. And they named the baby: Ilham Ariawan. Today, these day. He already grew up into a young man. With a happiness, sadness, tribulations, and burdens in live he through.

At night, every year 15 minutes before 21 changed into 22 December, over a lit of candles or on open night air, he prays to God. Thanks to the Almighty for giving him such a blessed life with beloved families and friends. He asks the best for himself and for them to life.

As he grew up, he opens his heart to any happiness, sadness, tribulations and burdens. All intended to make him more mature and wise in facing this life. In time he changed as the age sum to it, he’ll be a new person, new image. But he promised that he’d be just the same old Ilham who always smile, cry, laugh, sarcastic, loveable, cranky, and whatsoever that his friend used to know him…

To my family and friends, I dedicate all my love to you. Thanks for always be there for me. For better or worse. May God blessed your soul.




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