God’s Big Plot?

16 01 2006

Hey God, I don’t know why you made life’s so hard lately. You gave 2 heartbreaks within 6 weeks?? I don’t know what’s your big plot to me upon all these, as for me now I’m so angry of You! Why you just don’t let me be happy for a while. Why can’t I just have what I want for a little while??

Let me have the way I choose how I want it to be. I want someone who love me and take care of me, more than just a friend. How come you let me to keep in this miserable situation??? Once I told you that I’ll let you lead my way, but is it really your way to keep me like this???

I don’t mind with any tribulations you gave. But what have you made to re-paid it??? You used to be my friend, who always there whenever, wherever, whatever I need you. In sadness you make me feel special, in happiness you made me feel proud. But then what about now?? You just keeping me sad all the time and you let it be that way. Gosh… why you made me hate you???? Why God??? Why???

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you for now…




One response

8 02 2006

Of all the trouble life we lived, please try not to hate God… life is never easy, never been easy and always short. Life is full of problems that will make us grow bigger in heart and wiser in soul. By surviving each day, we have outlived the depressing moments. You can cry and be upset for what you’ve given but just look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Nothing stays forever. Consider you’re lucky for all the happiness and the fortune, yet never hate God for HE never leaves your side.

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