A Better Me Through You

2 02 2006

That night, when I first saw your face, I knew you are someone that more than just a person that I want, but you are someone that I need for my life. Perhaps, you hear those words for million of time, equals as people say about your eyes. Well, as time goes by for almost past 3 weeks on and off with this feeling inside without knowing how you feel to me, the way you treated me has opened my eyes of heart.

With you, I realized my passed time in love life were all about me, always in my order. But then you, you made my inner thought to change, that a relationship has to be from both. All these times, I end up by wound in my heart. The scars that I caused by my own mistakes.

Ever since I met you, after that wonderful night, I knew, you made me have to careful to your heart and even to mine. Your smile is a cure to my wound, your heart that eased my pain, a light through my darkest night.

As we both know, I don’t have much time here. But then even if we’re separated, I want you to know that you’ll always have my heart. And I hope in this so little time we got, little by little we could know each other. I know, as you told me, how you’re not comfortable with this to be happened here. I’m sure some how, eventually, we could find a way out to make this happen.

I don’t want to loose you now, please let these feeling grows between you and me. We’re going to get through some how. Don’t want this become a flash love. Because I’m sure with you beside me, as now being, you could make me a better person, each and every minute of my life. And likewise, if there’s a thing you wished to be, I hope I could be the person by your side to make it into reality.




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