Arti Sebuah Cobaan

31 05 2006

A best friend asks me, why do tribulations always come on human being? A question that make me think. And deep inside I asks my self as well, is not it a same question that I also ask?

I remember that day, the sunshine so bright, I walked down the beach of Lampu’uk. One at the time the white foamy water swift my feet over the soft and clean sand. I’m alone that time; exile my self not only from the hectic ness, but also from someone that I come with. Someone that I was expected to be a part of my happiness. I’m away from him, I let him enjoying the sun and the beach, because I feel his not the same anymore.

I walked till I am far away from him. Until there was only God, this beautiful world, and me Until I can talk to Him.

The blue sky with the white clouds as if He’s smiling at me, and His smile has made my heart feel so peaceful. I asked him:
“God, why don’t you just let me have the happiness as I expected to be?”
“Why you always put me on a test, over and over again?”
“Why every time I try to pursue a happiness, you always pull it back?”
“Do I not privilege to it, God?”

After I feel relieved with the entire question, I didn’t expect Him to answer. Because I know God doesn’t answer. He’s answer would be a sign of premonition and whispers to our heart. I made a small request to Him, to lead His way for me and make me stronger to get through it all.

I believe, and hopefully this would be also the answer for my friend, God gave us tribulation so that to make us stronger and keep our faith to Him. And He give to those that He knows would be strong and eventually made us become a better person in Him. And what we have to do is trust Him to take care the rest. Because I know and always believe He know the best for us. Because His hand would always take care of us, as He take care the sands and leafs.

For Ayiela Soraya, my little friend that will always strong

16/05/06 22:17




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11 04 2013

Thanks….finally 7 years later i read it. x aya

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