To Whom He Had Fallen To

31 05 2006

It was so perfect. Everything. That day, when they thought that they might have something. Sending smile throughout friendster, sending message, then days through YM and SMS text.

He thought he saw that bright sparks in the end of the dark tunnel, which was he has lived that darkness for long. And seeing the light was something that something he scared to believe. Scared it’d harm his heart again.

And after a while, what’s his worrying about finally happen. They rarely contact each other like they used to be; even the last contact seems like an obligation. His prince charming might not realize that he keep him questioning about these entire situations and has breaking someone’s heart. Will he ask him to responsible? He, the wounded one, thinks it isn’t fair to do so since he’s nobody to him. All he have to do now is buried his feeling and smile again to the world pretend like nothing happen.

The wounded might never want to fall again, because someone has broken their hope. It might easy to say “Never hope. Expect the less” but are we going to loose a hope when someone seems to pour our day with hope? And eventually the expectation grows big as time goes by.

What people said about the vulnerable and fragile heart? “You’re still young, you think you’ve been hurt that much?” Well, is being young means deserved for heartbreak and happiness would be such an expensive privilege?

We are all aware that life is a roller coaster. And the risk of being tumbling down is something absolute. But then everybody deserves the happiness in any form that they expected and at any age that they are. And we all should aware to respect the other, be careful with what they valuing, because you never know that you might have broke someone’s heart by your words and actions.

To love is to suffer. For not to suffer, one must not love. But then one suffers for not loving. Therefore to love is suffer and not to love is to suffer. In sorrow they look for a light. To shine solely their darkest night. Be what shall it be. And see what shall they see. To a love haste into their heart. May all the wounded heart heal by thy conquering time.




3 responses

3 07 2006

There’s a song called « love is a many of splendor thing.. » pasti tau dong? 🙂 sesakit-sakit nya lo ham, karna masalah yang namanya cinta ini.. u have to live with the fact that u’ll fallen love over n over again in d future.. so lets just fallen love with the ‘love’ itself.. then you don’t have to be suffer bcoz of love… 🙂 good day…

3 07 2006

aduh ilham.. sedih bener sih ceritanya…just remember.. God will never give us more than we can take..cheers, honey!

6 03 2007

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