The Swan and The Prince

30 06 2006

It’s a story about the swan in lake. He’s wandering around the water until a Prince Charming would find him and break the cursed upon his solitude lake.

He’s so tired today. Keep on working for the sake of giving his best for himself. What he need now is give himself and share his today story at the lake to someone that he care about, the Prince Charming. Or he prefer to be shared his prince story. Lean on his side, after a pret-a-porter dinner (or cook for him), listen to his deep voice. But, where is he? Good question. Because he’s no man, man’s. Ironic…

He met the Prince a while ago. Spent a night with him, then another night. The swan has been waiting for that night to come again, but then the swan has to return to his faith and flew to the lake. Each night he pray for the prince, pray for another chance to be by the Prince side.

The swan left the prince for one full moon, to fulfil his destiny at the lake. A question remain in the Swan’s heart. Will the prince wait for him? Will they meant to be together? Wíll this Prince is the one who break the curse upon the Swan?

If only he’d be sure of what the Prince Charming felt to him. The swan has suffer so many time, and the swan think that he can’t bear for any misery. Though then he realize, to love is to suffer and not to love is to suffer, as the angel of the night told him once.

Well, meanwhile the swan will keep waiting for the moon to shine and turn him into human again.




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