Aksi Kucing

4 07 2006

If any of you ever heard about recent release movie of Nia Dinata? Yes, it’s called Berbagi Suami.

I don’t want to talk about the movie, but one of the original Soundtrack of Berbagi Suami. If you have the album, or curious to buy it, go to the last track. There you’ll find a song titled « Aksi Kucing ». A friend of mine played it for me after the cello class. Awesome, such a vintage sound.

Then, a little while ago another friend played it again in his car. This time, this song seems very memorable and fun. Since this friend of mine is a bule and he sung it correctly, not to mention with his bule accent. Inspite of his adorable and funny (rather said, humorous) attitude that drive me even crazy about this song (and him), and also a funny lyric as well, what crossed in my mind was a picture of a small saloon in mid-1920’s in old town Jakarta.

The music is like from an old grammophone. With a vintage voice of the singer (and amusing back-up singers). As for me it’s so cool. So, here’s the lyric.

Apa guna Bung, malu-malu kucing
Meong meong dibelakang suaranya nyaring
Jangan suka Bung, diam-diam kucing
Sudah menerkam sebelumnya berunding

Aksi Kucing membikin perselisihan
Salah-salah dari kawan jadi lawan
Salah paham Bung, karena Aksi Kucing
Urusan kecil bisa jadi meruncing




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