The Past, The Present, and The Future

12 09 2006

Tonight, after what happen earlier this evening; I hope we learn about something. That life’s goes on. I don’t want to preach you about life or love. Because what we are in this world is learning what is love and how it’d cherish this life. With the past, we learnt that some step we made was wrong, and sometimes it hurts and painful. It taught us to be cautious and careful. But that’s not all. If it makes us scared to stepping the future, then it mean we haven’t learn the wisdom of the past.

The wisdom of the past time takes us to the joyful of present time. A wise man ask to a boy: “Do you know why we named it present.?” The boy stares at the wise man innocently, signing that he don’t know. And the wise man answered, “Because it’s a gift from God for us to enjoy; of knowing that we have learnt the wisdom of past and willing to step to the untamed future, what ever it may come.”

The futures reveal nothing but haziness. Don’t live on yesterday; just go where the present time takes you and whatever the future brings you. Hurts, that’s the reason. But have you ever think that you’re not alone? You’ve been hurt, I’ve been hurt; everybody does. Never been easy to forgive, but the hardest thing is to forget.

My pain, taught me to live in present time, forgive the past and forget the future so that no anger I will carry for my next day. And the reason I keep my past as my past is that I learnt that living in the painful memories would only sacrifice my dream that would only abuse myself. I want you to be happy of what you are now for a better days to come. And your love needed to understand that.

No matter how big the love is, it’ll destroy if there’s only one party who trust other. While other keep denying the truth of believing. I am no angel. I’m just me. I’m no perfect. But I’ll do my best to keep you happy. You’re all that matters in my life. You’re all I need, and its evidence.

If there’s a thing that will make me happy, then it would be you.

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One response

12 09 2006
ali Aliyuddin

yaaa… sudahlah karena kita masih bernasib pekerja kontrakan (di Local NGO) lagi, kita cari makan siang yang berharga murah aja yukkkk…!

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