Monster out of Me

5 05 2007

I’m a monster out of me. In the dark I lie down, inhaling the rage as every beat of my heart is anger.this monster is ready to break it cage at anytime.

His anger betrayed from sorrow and loneliness and despair. His companion had fleed, left him bleeding inside.

Unfinished and dissolved by the time.

I, the devil and the angel wish no lose to these combat of solitude, whilst togetherness suffer me too. Stars and wind whispers, let the moon change by the sun and so does it other way.

Time will heal and tell me the truth. As time masters the cycle of life, yet the key to reveal the door of future as i reach it.

Sometime soon, when I am laid in earth.




One response

18 01 2010

Sabar bang sabar….hidup emang berat….udahlah…ga usah berubah jadi monster….jadi manusia aja udah jelek..palagi jadi monster…hehehe

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