People’s Attitude

1 11 2008

As sure as the sun rise, people let you down, not only once but many times. The question is, why does those people could be so casual for example canceling an appointment. Not even saying any apology. Even worse, some people take it for granted and cancel things as their speak and chewing their dinner.

But in the other hand, sorry seems to be not a hardest word these days either. That 5 little alphabets seems meaningless, seems to be a valid justification of their intention of saying ‘no thanks, I’m lazy to go out’.

People could be a bitch sometimes. But when it come to saying SORRY when CANCELING, please mean it because its not just a lip service, its an ATTITUDE!

Trust me, if you experiencing this and get into your nerve, a jug of Johnnie Walker-Cola wouldn’t help at all.




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