Analysis: Why there’s Prince Charming?

16 12 2008

I watched this movie 3 times already and each time it get me more assurance that all these stuff in the movie quite represents human psychology in finding what they look for in relationship.

So the guy depicted as a (quite) cute but not that hot. He’s a villain in his own way, socially stable, he have this super strength, agile. And he tried to tell this girl to get rid of her ‘lies’ to herself about him, because no matter what, he’s a villain after all. And like every single soul that are in love, she don’t. She like to live in the lies (not the dreams) she created.

The question is why? Why do we (human) become ‘stupid’ when it comes to love/lust? Sadly it is the SECURITY factor in RELATIONSHIP that we looking for. The replications shown that we (human) wants it to be as they plan or as they wanted it to be.

In case you’re asking this is the answer of why women dreamt of Prince Charmings and why men married Bitches!

Well, we all believe in dreams. But we can’t make those dream forced to come true. We can live the dreams but we have to let the universe do the rest, in which revoked the REALISTIC side of dream.




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