Ashok K. Banker: The Ballad of Rama & Sita

29 12 2008

‘Havent you felt anything at all? Dont you see what we share together? Is it only my body and my youth that you see before you? Do you not see the heart that beats within this breast, the mind that ticks behind this face, the soul that floats within this cage of flesh? Don’t you feel what I feel for you?’

‘Then what do you want of me?’ he said. ‘This is my fate. It cannot be undone no matter what you say or do,’ his voice broke, ‘or what we feel and share with each other, no matter how extraordinary that feeling happens to be.’

RamaSitaDrop1As if she knew that no amount of crying and wailing could persuade him to turn now that his mind was made up, now that his foot was set upon the path of dharma. She said his name that one time, and waited. And in the end, it was that perfect faith, that blind belief, that made him turn. For how could he ignore she who loved him dearly enough to respect his wishes and let him go, even though it meant the certain destruction of everything she had hoped for and aspired to? How could he just walk away from a soul-mate so perfect that her very sorrow harmonised with the pain he himself carried in his own breast like a dying broken-winged sparrow?

He turned. And found her tearless and calm once more. She raised her arms to him, asking, not pleading. ‘Then let me go with you,’ she said.




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