7000 Rupiah That Changed The Way I See This Live

9 04 2009

It was 9 April 2009, way passed midnight, sleepy but I have to drive my bike home from Senayan City after Jamiroquai. It was 01:27 AM when I stopped by at the Shell gas station in MT. Haryono. shell_logo

The gas operator greet me with an uttering friendliness that early morning, I asked him to fill my bike upto full. And he did as I said. It cost me all 2,54 liter for IDR 15.000. My face turned pale as I can’t find the last 50.000 rupiah in my pocket that I borrowed from Ovie, and I was sure that I lost it somewhere.

Panic and ashamed, I tried to dig up and pull all the pocket I had and I found 8.000 rupiah. And he said with smile: ‘That’s ok Pak, just pay with the money you had’. And I gave him that 8.000 rupiah I had and swallowed my pride.

Ashamed, but yet I ignored my pride, that this Shell operator had touched the deepest part of my heart. I’m amazed, I’m thankful, I’m proud and I changed the way I see this life, this country, this city and people’s heart.

I was apathetic that there’s no more good hearted people in this city. But Apri, the Shell’s gas operator name, had proved that I’m wrong.

7.000 rupiah of his own pocket money, might seems a little money for us. But that amount of money might cover his 1 day meal and I ‘took’ it from him, yet he willingly to gave it.

Apri, a modest man, that less lucky than most of the customer he served, than me, that his 7.000 rupiah had changed me.

I returned to Shell gas station where he work, just to gave him back his 7.000 rupiah and token of my appreciation to thank him, but he wasn’t there because he took a day off today. Alas, I talked to his manager and the team how thankful I am for his generosity

Hopefully the team would follow his kindness. And hopefully Shell management would acknowledge this modest guy.

I know by only wrote this article I couldn’t thankful enough for this live changing experience, but to open your eyes that good thing happened and gold hearted people are still exist.

A gold hearted Apri gave me a live experience that I will treasure for all my live. Thank you, Apri.




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