Cantata of Humanity

5 01 2010

A Poem, A Piano, and a touch of Humanity on a Cantata

Stunned. When Aning Katamsi started to sang the first bar of the song and Ananda’s talented works on piano enchanted the whole auditorium. The piece called “Bibirku Bersujud di Bibirmu” from a poem by Hasan Aspahani. This piano works really caught me.

Ananda’s talent has changed this repertoire to a stunning works of piano, voice and dance choreographed by Chendra Panatan. Inspired by disaster that intensely hit Indonesia from time to time. But this piece was composed as Ananda’s deep concerns to the nation based on Hasan Aspahani’s poem inspired from the Tsunami in 2004 that devastated Aceh.

“Bibirku Bersujud di Bibirmu” immensely described a sorrow and a hope. Aning voice successfully brought the audience to a state of imagination, merged with every word of the lyrics with Chendra’s dance work that visualized the emotion of Hasan’s poem.

This really captured the spirit of Aceh people after the tsunami.

In every of his works, Ananda always bring a universal humanity behind his cantatas and rhapsodies.




One response

25 01 2010

hey, i know it’s a late visit, but i just wanna say: lucky you.
to experience such an expression of empathy through art. must be something majestic 😀 i too would want to be touched as these performers have touched you. maybe we’ll have the chance to do it together, one day. kapan2 janjian rame2 lagi yuks 🙂 till that day, take care.

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