Scavengers at the Wedding

1 07 2010

<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 1082px"Thanks for sending them to me, God

Thanks for sending them to me, God

It was that afternoon on my sister’s wedding day, after the crash-boom-bang and all the madness of preparation since thursday, finally I can chill a bit while all our guests enjoying the refreshments or lunch we should say.

So I thought a nice tropical fruit platter will do on this shearing hot day. So I went to the fruit corner and scooped up few watermelon (my favourite). While trying to fill my plate with fruits didn’t really notice that this kid about 8-9 years old standing next to me until he asked: « Sir, may I have some of these (fruits)? ». And I smile and said: « surely! » (and thought: silly! Of course, these are for everybody).

Couldn’t be more careless enough since my plate was full already, I walked to have a seat. Then I realized that the kid ran to the corner of the street brought the fruit platter he got and share it with his friend. Barefooted and dirty, and I realized that they’re apparently scavengers kids who’s collecting mineral water plastic cups that’s been trashed by the guests.

It come to my senses, how I could be such a ignorant and greedy (all I think about is my tummy) while this kids politely asked for food. So I leave my fruit platter and go for buffet table and scooped some rice and other food (with a help from my cousin), prepared a nice lunch for these kids.

I grabbed 2 chairs for them and asks them to eat the lunch instead of the fruits they had earlier. Reluctantly but eventually they sat and ate the buffet luncheon.

It was such a happy feeling when seeing their happy face while eating it. And then, I don’t know what this feeling should be named, its beyond happiness when seeing their happy face while thanking for the meals after they finished eating and back collecting the cups.

Once again, the universe obviously try to say something, which is to share the joy. Thank you God, for reminding me again. May this be a blessing for everybody…




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6 09 2010
Astrid Wilantara


Di atas langit masih ada langit.. tapi jangan lupa juga untuk liat ke bawah dan saling mengingatkan ya Cong , terutama ingetin gue 😀 .. love u !

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