Go Take Your Chance!

7 01 2011

You don’t know what you got ’till its gone. Yup… that’s what crossed my mind after watching Adam Sandler’s Click. A movie that I never really watch, and yet tonight I only watched the last 15 minutes. But, it is true that to some people money is everything and they put aside their loved ones. And few of us could be one of them.

It is hard to balance between your loved ones and pursuing your career. And ironically enough your career eventually to make your loved ones happy, whilst as the side effect your loved ones felt neglected as we’re too busy pursuing it. I, myself, could never answer which one is my priority. It’s like arguing about egg and chicken!

But yet I always try to balance it every now and then. I guess all that matter is the quality time together with your loved ones, not the quantity. So, have you spend a quality times together with your loved ones lately? Its weekend, go take your chance!




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