Thanking the Laughter You Bring

9 03 2011

This is a story about a dear friend. A friend that always cheer my gloomy day since 10 years ago. And ever since, he always become a dear friend of mine.

We’re not always agree one to each other, but we always share some stories of life. Laughter and tears, high and low, ups and downs. But surely, when we’re together, he always managed to made both of us burst in laughter. Small stuff but somehow it become so funny we laugh our lungs out.

He once heard my recently-favorite-song made into parody on the radio, and earlier today he twitted the lyric of the parody (in javanese), it was Katy Perry’s Firework. Tonight, as i drove back home from office, that favorite song of mine played on my iPod, though it was the original version, all the javanese lyric parody keep running on my mind. I just can’t stop smiling throughout the journey back home.

He never fail to make me smile for sure. Now i realize that i never alone, there’s always my dear friends to make me smile, support me, be my shoulder to cry (though i should say: be my lungs to laugh). Thank you Gregorius Danang Prasetyanto.

Your friendship will always be my treasure. Thanks for always sharing the laughter, and made smile become things that brighten up my gloomy days.

« You don’t have to feel like a waste of space
You’re original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow, »

Katy Perry’s Firework




2 responses

10 03 2011
Sonya Tampubolon

jd kangen becandaannya lo dan danang… biasanya dulu melibatkan icha sbg objek penderita. wkwkkwk 😀 ps: thanks to you, gw jd bs bgaul dan deket sm anak2 iklan yg gokil

10 03 2011
Ilham Ariawan Chaeruddin

ini yg di post Danang:
« Sayang, kowe kembang geni… waktu kowe mbedil langit ngit ngit ngit…, » sebagai translate-an lagu Firework Katy Perry.

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