Love is Humble

8 09 2011

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When you are being asked, what is love? What would be your answer?

For me, love is humble

Be humble so that the heart may love. As simple as a prayer, love comes from simple things. But, sometimes we forgot how humble to love is. Afraid of losing and arrogance makes us greedy for love; and eventually the humbleness of love slowly fade away.

As the love between Hamid and Zainab blossoms through their humbleness of their heart. By the beach Zainab said to Hamid, “Hamid, bring my prayer with you through your pilgrimage to Mecca, my prayer is to be married to a person that I love (you), and that very person to love me in return,” quoted from a movie based on Buya Hamka, Dibawah Lindungan Ka’bah/Under the Grace of Ka’bah (1978).

Hamid accept his banishment from the village and from people that he love without fear, Zainab waits with courage for Hamid’s return until death do their parts. Zainab and Hamid never unite as lover not because of complexity of the world around them, but the love that no longer humble from people around them.

“God, the Most Grace and Merciful, under the grace of Holy Ka’bah, in the house of God where I lift my hands and pray for your blessing. To whom should I ask for mercy but You. There’s nothing I can hold on to but You, no door shall I close for Your door is always open. Grant me serenity for I to be in Your embrace; to be with people that I love that gone to You before me. O God, for You are the Almighty and to you we shall return…”

Love (prayer) that Zainab and Hamid believe till deaths do their part.

From this novel and film, I understand better that to love is to be humble. Humbleness keeps love live eternally inside our heart, even distance apart. Love is humble and will always be.




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8 09 2011
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8 09 2011

beautifully written ilham 🙂 love is simple, love is selfless..

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