What Do We Learn From Life? Learn From Your Loved Ones

18 10 2011

You live, you learned. That’s what people says, and its undeniably true. Sometimes we only see life only from the surface, but eventually only your loved ones see it with a different perspective.


Wiseman says, you need to take one step back before you take a leap. Most of us are too busy lingering in life problematics, lingering in the past. And all we heard from people around us would say: « I know how you feel » or « I’m with you, hun ». But those aren’t cliche, they mean what they’ve said. No doubts.


They help you without you realizing it. It called: Strength. Of course they want the best for you, and yes it seemed that it is the least but you need it from the one you love. Your parents, they’d give you wise word as they been through more life problems. Your partner, they’d hug and kiss you on forehead. Your kids, they’d give you the sweetest smile. Your friends, would pat you on the shoulder. They all know you could go through this. Learn this from them. Embrace this to your soul.


Those who stays with you during your hardship and stay true to your heart, are the ones that really love you without hesitation. A heart as big as the world, a patience as wide as the oceans.




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