(Things that happen in) your life and others

8 12 2011

Had this conversation with a colleague over Roast Pekking Duck this noon, and I’m sure most of us had had this question came across our mind once in a while.

The question is:  » What if never met him/her/them? »

Yeah…what if?

I always believe we’re all here in this world with a purpose. And I learnt that we’re all meant to be. People around us, are like food for our soul, it teach us how to fulfill our hunger and tastes of this life. Although, just like food that we ate, each of them have a different taste and they’re all have an expiry date. Some give us the sweet taste in our life, some sour, some savory, some even bitter. Some only good for a little while, some  good for forever. Surely, they will leave a taste that we never forget in life.

One thing lead to another.

Family, friends, etc. but my conversation over lunch was popped the what if’s of my love life.

« What if my ex-boyfriend never hurt me? What if we never break up?; What if I never open myself again after a heartbreak 3,5 years ago?; What if I never wrote « Thank you for viewing my profile. You’re cute. Too bad you’re in Milan » to my boyfriend?; What if we never meet in Starbucks that evening?; What if he never said « Ilham, I’d like to invite you for a dinner? »; What if we never had that 10 hours conversation?; What if we never love each other?; What if we never continent apart?; What if we never had fight?; What if…What if…What if… »

For me, his purpose in my life is to make me a better person, to think not just about today but the future, to maximize my expertise and be best on what I’m good at yet be humble for what I have achieved.

All I can say, from asking those questions, I’m grateful I have him in my life. I thank the universe that finally made us meet that afternoon. Thank you for loving me. And I love you, now and will always be.




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