A Java jasmine scented lady

6 05 2012

It’s never been easy to loose someone you love the most, a family member. It is her, our beloved grandma, Hj. R.Ay. Soemartijah Notodiprodjo, that I always remember as a jasmine scented lady.

I wrote this just next to her casket, shaky and try not to shed a tears at her hometown, Jogjakarta. Yesterday, we bid our last farewell kissing her cheek and see her beautiful face before pieces of clothes covered her body for her burial. Eyang putri, that all of her grandchild and people that have met her has such a vivid memory about her.

She was our beloved grandma. a grandma who thought us well about manner, kindness, and truthfulness. A courtesan that never forget her roots even ’till her last days. I remembered well, in 1992 she took me and my brother to the Royal Palace for one of the celebration she was invited to, where the royal court dance, Bedhaya, performed for limited viewers. It was then, when I start to appreciated one of my root.

She was born in Jogjakarta, 9th August 1925 second born from five siblings from a royal family of Jogjakarta courtesan R. Soemardjo Notodiprodjo, descendant from the Hamengkubuwono III. She married my grandpa H. R. Mu’in Notosaputro and gave birth to 7 children. Everyday, she always lay spreads jasmines on her bed, that she freshly picked from the jasmine trees in her garden.

She’s considerably healthy and fit until about few years ago dementia started to get her. Since then it never been easy for her and the rest of the family to deal with it. But her spirit never gave up, she’s always smile and cheerful and as if reminded us to keep a little of ‘child’ inside of us, reminded us to be happy no matter what gets in your way.

Now the jasmine trees never bloom it scented flower again, but the scent of the jasmine always remind me of her. She laid there, waiting to be unified with her loved one, husband, brother, parents that already gone before her. Eyang putri, a java jasmine scented lady. A sister, auntie, mom, grandma and great-grandma. May you rest in peace in God’s heaven and unified with your loved ones there. Your body may ceased, but the memory of you will live forever in our heart. So long Eyang, ’till we meet again. You will be missed, Eyang Putri.





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