A Big Thanks On This Big 30

22 12 2012


Yep, the big 30. Still think that is just a number. So I just have to embrace it. I was born 30 years ago, a son of a pair of great parents, the second from 3 siblings, and to date an uncle from 2 nephew and niece. And at the same time a grandson, a cousin, a second cousin, a cousin-in-law, a nephew, a nephew-in-law of a group of people called family.

A boyfriend-companion-partner to a best man for past 4,5 years and still counting; an acquaintance, a colleague to a group of people namely friends.

It will never enough gratitude to each and every of you that has became a part of these journey of life. Friends come and go, it do nothing but make me wiser. Personal and professional achievements I have made up to today, believe me, its also your doing.

It never cross in my mind that I’d be who I am this day without all these group of peoples. Them who keep me humble, keep my feet on the ground. Them who help me to spread my wings and take fly. Them who reminded me to be wise in order to soar above the pedestal.

Mom, I know that it hasn’t been easy for us but for me, you are my superwoman. My superstar. There never been a dark days of my life for I know your love and compassion has shine over my very soul. Dad, I supposed I always give you a hard time to understand who I am. Well, what can I say, but I know that for whatever it might be, you’re still my biggest supporter.

Denny, Ranie, Indah, Iqbal, I guess without you all I could never been this strong, for you are my strength. Zsolt and Aquinsha, my little angels that always get me going even when I’m far from home.

Carl, 4,5 years we have through it all. And we never say that its gonna be easy, but hey, we made it this far and will continue to love each other for forever it may be. Thanks for your love, love.

Aunties and cousins, friends and colleagues, without you I think I’d be just an ordinary Ilham.

And in honor of the Mayan prophecy saying that the end of the world is on 21.12.12, next if you ask my age, my response would be 21 (even next year, next decade, next century)..





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