Coffee & Tea

2 08 2015

The Italian espresso and the English breakfast.

The both are strong kick of the day to some.

The personalities that specifically somehow can be hard to digest, probably may be misinterpreted. The both stronghold of characters and way of cultures that are different to another.

The heart and mind of both are unique.

Espresso said everything bluntly and acidic yet straight forward. English tea said it sharp and bitter yet takes a while to understand each taste symbolize for.
Italian espresso says to take the bitter satire shot straight-on like a man of « Hey dude! Here’s how I slap you to empower you! »
English breakfast says to understand the melancholy of acidity sip-by-sip like the nobility told « Pardon, can you read-between-the-line of how I require you to treat me? ».

I still learning how to take shots of my Italian espresso the way it want to teach me the hard way, while saying the English breakfast way to be understand.

In all of us, I guess there are the Italian Espresso and the English Breakfast. Love the good taste of love of both.

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